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What To Expect

What To Expect

What is the difference between Strong College and South Spencer hall?

Strong College is the home, South Spencer is the house. Strong College is the community in which students live, work, and thrive. South Spencer is the building which keeps them warm and dry.

What is it like living in South Spencer/Strong College?

Living here is like having a huge family. It's a home away from home. We have a variety of activities and we love to hear new ones as well! Like any community, we have traditions and a number of annual events. In addition, students living in Strong College frequently get together outside of coordinated activities. On a daily basis, there are people hanging out in the JCR or just hanging out with their doors open.

We have 3 floors, all of them hall style. The floors are configured as follows:

  • The basement contains 2 single rooms and a few double rooms
  • The main floor contains a few double rooms (2 people per room)
  • Between the basement and the main floor there are 40 female students
  • On the third floor, there are about 60 people - half female students and half male students

Does Strong College require a specific SAT score or GPA for admission?

No. Strong College doesn't have academic requirements for admission. Strong College encourages applicants from diverse academic backgrounds.

If your GPA drops, do you get kicked out of Strong College?

No. Students who are admitted to Strong College retain their membership as long as they wish while they are at UNCG. Only serious disciplinary violations get students expelled from Strong College.

Do you have to be of a certain class or in a certain major to be in Strong College?

No. Strong College has members from all undergraduate classes, freshmen through seniors. Its membership represents virtually all majors offered by the College of Arts and Sciences and the university's professional schools. Strong College is a purposeful cross-section of the entire university because we believe our students should be exposed to people with the greatest possible diversity of interests and experiences.

Does it cost extra to be a member of Strong College?

No. Strong College has no membership fees or additional charges. Resident members pay the University's standard room and board fees that apply to all air-conditioned residence halls on campus. Those charges are set by the Office of Housing and Residence Life and may be found at http://hrl.uncg.edu/.

I've received notification that I've been accepted to Strong College but my housing assignment has not yet been changed. What's going on?

No need to panic. We send our list of acceptances over to Housing and Residence Life in large groups instead of individually, so it takes a few days for them to make changes in their computer system. Beyond that, those changes sometimes take as long as a week to show up in individual student's UNC-Genie accounts.

Do you have to take any special classes if you are in Strong College?

Yes, Freshmen in Strong College do take one course together, STR 301 – 'Autobiography in Western Civilization.' All of the sections of this course are taught by the Senior Fellow, Mrs. Barton.

Are the events required?

No, we believe that students should choose for themselves what they want to participate in. We do, however, encourage students to participate by announcing every day when events are happening and by making the planning committee meetings (also referred to as the Republic of Secret Lemurs) open to all residents of Strong College. So, even if you are not on the committee, you can still attend if you have something to add or an idea for an activity. We love to hear your ideas and then we try to help you with that plan in any way we can.

What are Faculty Fellows?

Faculty Fellows are faculty members who volunteer their time because they care about you and about Strong College. Many of them attend Tuesday teas, Friday lunches, and various special activities. Some of them will also occasionally lead book groups or give lectures on topics of interest to Strong College.